CTNR Membership

We cordially invite independent research group leaders with a focus on neuroscience research at the University Medical Centre Rostock (UMR), University Rostock and related institutions to join the “Centre for Transdisciplinary Neurosciences Rostock (CTNR)” as a member.

Members benefit from CTNR activities of the structured educational programmes for young researchers, funding programmes, lecture series etc. The membership assembly of the CTNR will have a collective responsibility for its operation.

According to the tentative bylaws of the CTNR, independent research group leaders (Postdocs, Clinician Scientists, Habilitanden/-innen, Priv.-Dozenten/-innen, Professors) with a focus on neuroscience research (as for example indicated by original articles and research grants in the neuroscience field) are eligible to join the CTNR as members.

For the application, please fill in the application form.

CTNR Membership

CTNR Application Form
* Mandatory fields (needed for membership decision according to CTNR bylaws and/or membership directory)
If you are on the Habilitation track, please ask your Chairman for confirmation.
Please indicate funding body, project duration, title and funding amount or attach a list of third-party funding including name of the PI(s).
Note: With the upload of a high resolution image of yourself, you agree the use and publication of it on the CTNR webpage.