Interpreting evidence: mixed methods

07. November 2023

CTNR Qualification Programme

CTNR Qualification Programme: Methodology of translational research - I

Tuesday, Nov 07, 2023, h 12:00 - 13:00Zoom Link

Presenter: Dr. Olga Klein, Clinical Dementia Research, DZNE Rostock and UMR


According to the National Institutes of Health, mixed methods strategically integrates or combines quantitative and qualitative research methods to draw on the strengths of each. Mixed method approaches allow researchers to use multiple methods, combining inductive and deductive thinking, and offsetting limitations of exclusively quantitative and qualitative research through a complementary approach that maximizes strengths of each data type and facilitates a more comprehensive understanding of health issues and potential resolutions. Mixed methods may be employed to produce a robust description and interpretation of the data, make quantitative results more understandable, or understand broader applicability of small-sample qualitative findings.

This session will give an introduction into mixed methods, definitions and designs. It will further highlight the advantages of mixed methods and will provide hands-on examples thereof.

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