Providing evidence: statistical inference and critical thinking in research

17. October 2023

CTNR Qualification Programme

CTNR Qualification Programme: Methodology of translational research - I

Tuesday, Oct 17, 2023, h 12:00 - 13:00, Zoom Link

Presenter: Prof. Dr. Marina Boccardi, Implementation Neuroscience, DZNE Rostock and UMR

Statistical inference is a key tool in the methodology of research. This first introductory lesson aims to present the series, and starts with basic concepts of inferential statistical reasoning and correction methods, that provide the first basis and principles to define study designs.

Students will easily catch the meaning of statistics and designs through concrete examples and visual representations of the structure of experimental studies. They will become able to quickly recognize typical mistakes, through the analysis of specific papers and research studies leading to false, sometimes hilarious conclusions. They will become able to appreciate how typical gaps in knowledge can easily be leveraged to promote private interests. Awareness on these topics is key to guarantee and be able to defend high quality and correct research conduct, in the full awareness of the impact that our research has on society.

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