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10 Questions to Prof. Dr. Peter Kropp (Medical Psychology and Medical Sociology)

11. November 2022

"We take the next step"

1. What exciting topics are you currently working on?

Prediction of migraine attacks by recording specific components of EEG.

2. How would you summarise your career path?

Lots of detours, failures, and wrong ways.

3. Where do your best ideas emerge from?

By jogging and singing.

4. Who or what had or has had the strongest positive influence on your career and work?

Distancing from work by sports, choir, and friends.

5. What do you consider the greatest challenge or hurdle for progress in your field?

Implementation of an idea to its realisation.

6. What are, in your opinion, the opportunities, directions or decisions that are vital to progress neurosciences?

Enough time to think without routines of office work.

7. Tell us what would have to happen in your work for you to say “A dream has come true!”?

We take the next step.

8. What was your greatest experience as a scientist?

The effect of collegial exchange and advice.

9. What has been your biggest scientific failure so far, and how do you deal with failed experiments and defeats?

Wrong routine action e. g. in applying electrodes. As for me I am learning from these failures.

10. With which historical person, politician or celebrity would you like to have a dinner and discuss your work?

Frederic Chopin, who suffered from migraine.

Professor Peter Kropp
Institute of Medical Psychology and Medical Sociology
University Medicine Rostock